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Finding aids are descriptive inventories, indexes, or collection guides that provide access to the unpublished materials in the library’s Special Collections.  These are tools the researcher can use to understand the size, contents, and arrangement of a collection.  Diverse collections warrant a variety of finding aids, but most guides will include a general overview, a biographical or historical note, and a detailed description of the collection.  Finding aids will be added to the website as they become available.


Collections are listed in alphabetical order.  Please scroll down and click on the appropriate link for a descriptive Scope and Contents note or for the complete Finding Aid.


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Account Books Collection

[Scope and Contents]   [Finding Aid]   [Name index]   [Date index]  [Type of business index]


Ahrens-Fontaine Family Collection

[Scope and Contents]   [Finding Aid]


Sgt. Daniel Bissell Ancient Jr. Fife & Drum Corps Records

[Scope and Contents]   [Finding Aid]


Combustion Engineering, Inc. Collection

[Scope and Contents]   [Finding Aid]


First Church in Windsor (Windsor, Conn.) Records        

[Scope and Contents]   [Finding Aid]


Founders of Windsor: Their Trades or Professions

[Scope and Contents]


Friends of Stony Hill School Records        

[Scope and Contents]   [Finding Aid]


Huntington Brothers Records

[Scope and Contents]   [Finding Aid]


Kibbe/Sipple Correspondence

[Scope and Contents]   [Finding Aid]


Ralph C. Lasbury, Jr. Collection: The Shade Tobacco Growers Agricultural Association Records

[Scope and Contents]   [Finding Aid]


Roy M. Marcot Collection

[Scope and Contents]   [Finding Aid]


Merwin Funeral Home Account Books

            [Scope and Contents]   [Finding Aid]   [Deceased name index]   [Maiden name index]   [Billing name index]


[Volume I: 1877-1892]   [Volume II: 1893-1900]   [Volume III: 1900-1906]


Marguerite Mills Advertisement Card Collection

        [Scope and Contents]   [Finding Aid]


Roscoe Nelson Collection

            [Scope and Contents]   [Finding Aid]


Old Document Project Collection

[Scope and Contents]   [Finding Aid]   [Name index]   [Date index]  [Document Type index]


Old Letters Project

[Scope and Contents]   [Finding Aid]  [Recipient Name index]  [Author Name index]   [Date index] 


Christopher Miner Spencer Collection

            [Scope and Contents]   [Finding Aid]


Helen R. Stevenson Collection of the Records of the Windsor Ballet and the Northern Connecticut Ballet of Windsor, Connecticut

[Scope and Contents]   [Finding Aid]


Ruth Davis Thrall Collection

            [Scope and Contents]   [Finding Aid]


Scrapbook Collection

[Scope and Contents]   [Finding Aid]   [Descriptive Inventory List]


Town of Windsor Photograph Collection

[Scope and Contents]   [Finding Aid]


Wilson Congregational Church Records

[Scope and Contents]   [Finding Aid]


Windsor Historical Society Newsletter Archives

            [Scope and Contents]   [Index]


Windsor News Letter for Men and Women in the Service during World War II

(Do to large PDF files, please allow for long load times.  Sorry for any inconvenience.)

            [Scope and Contents]   [Index Vol. 2 – 9]   [Issues 2 – 9]   [Issues 14 – 25]


Windsor Probate Records 1947-1973

             [Scope and Contents]   [Index]


Windsor Town Crier Newspaper 1916-1917

            [Scope and Contents]   [Search 1916-1917]   [Search monthly issues]


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