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In 1925 the Windsor Historical Society saved the 1758 Strong-Howard House from being demolished to make way for a gasoline station. Since then, it has anchored Windsor’s historic district and served as the foundation for the Society’s many services for schoolchildren and adults.  Now, our beloved 250-year-old building needs restoration. Restoration work provides us with the opportunity to create an even more engaging museum experience inside.  By furnishing this home with reproduction artifacts instead of antiques, we can invite the public in to try out the beds, sit at the dining table, and participate in some simple household activities, including hearth cooking! 



The cost of touching, feeling, and re-living history in a restored Strong-Howard House is between $650,000 and $700,000.  This is a three-phase project, scheduled for completion at the end of 2015. We are calling on the community for help and have already raised over $250,000 of what we need from foundations, businesses, and friends.  Whether you live near or far, your support is needed and will be much appreciated.   By working together, we can make the Strong-Howard House shine.  


Please help with the restoration of the Strong-Howard House.  Your donation is greatly appreciated!


Strong-Howard House Supporters















Al and Marilyn Boehm

William and Paula Clapp

Randy Clark in memory of Nancy Clark

Ruth Fahrbach

Christine Ermenc and William Hosley

William G. Harris

Becky and Paul Hendricks

Sam and Marcia Hinckley

Robert and Dorothy McAllister

Kate and Hugh McLean

Scott and Carolyn Morehouse

Agnes Pier

Rabbett Insurance Company

Al Stalb and Suzie Jacques

Paul Suto

Vantis Life

Lois Warner




ABB Inc.

Aero Gear, Inc.

Linda Alexander

Joseph and Voiza Arnold

Deborah Baker

Warren and Dorothy Ball

Diana Barnard

John and Marjory Berky

Neal and Joan Brundage

Ruth and Barry Budlong

Jim and Liz Burke

Dorothy Carlson

Carmon Community Funeral Homes

John and Linda Carmon

Nan Carmon

Chubb Federal Insurance Company

Lorraine B. Clapp

Office of State Archaeologist/Friends of Office of State Archaeologist (in-kind)

Anthony and Elizabeth Davenport

Robert and Hildegarde DeMallie in memory of Peter and Miriam DeMallie

Duncaster Foundation

F. Owen and Joan Eagan

Priscilla Eatherton

Steve and Martha Erickson

Beverly Garvan

Randall Graff

Robert Grant

Mark Griffin and Sandy Diamond

Hamilton Sundstrand

Rick and Anne Hazelton

Leonard and Betty Hellerman

William and Cynthia Hosley

Linda and Dennis Kollmorgen

Coralee Jones

Roger and Cathy Lavallee

William C. Leary

Aubrey and Marillyn Loomis

Lynn and Michael McDonald

Daniel Mack

Dar McCormick in memory of Marion Hall McCormick

Willa M. Nemetz

Ed Paquette and Christopher Catania

Alice Patton

Dave and Mary Lou Peters

John and Margaret Quigley

Mike and Lu Rabbett

Reid and Riege, P.C.

Tracy and Reissa Puritz

Sharran Selig Bennett

William J. Selig Foundation

Sherwin Williams Paint (in-kind)

Peter and Lisa Souza

John and Jan Stevens

The 9.7 Fund

Traveler's Foundation

Jim Trocchi

Jason and Christina Vida

Mark Warner and Elaine Walker

Eliot and Susan Williams

Colette Yeich




Jack Alberti and Ina Forman

Cathy Amadasun


Brigitte Becker

John Bednarz

Charles Beebe

Robert Bell

Holly Beum

Jim Blozie

Edward and Carolyn Bogus

Richard Bradshaw

Richard and Joan Brigham

Edward M. Brown

Marie Bruhn

Robert Buckley

Bernie Caliendo

Beverly Callan

Wanda Carmon

Civitan Club of Windsor

Bruce and Karyl Clark

Randy and Carla Clark

Joanne Coghill

Alan Collette

Elaine Colli

Charlotte and Walter Collins

Sam Conant

Connecticut Historical Society

John and Margie D'Agata

Robert Davis

Day Hill Dental

Duane and Lisa Douglas

Shirley Dudley

Peggy Eberle

Ralph Eggleston

Ronald and Michele Eleveld

Tin and Janet Ellsworth

Steven W. Farley

Pamela Feehan

Betty and Louis Ferrero

First Church Early Learning Center

Mary Field

Skip and Mona Fisher

Tim Fitzgerald and Meg Collins

Susan and John Foote

Sally Foster-Stewart

Kathleen Frederick and Eugene Leach

Roberta Garceau

Meghan Geary and Peter Hale

Martin Gibbs

David Gillette

Bill and Vivian Gombert

Charles and Barbara Goodwin

Women of Grace Episcopal Church

Thomas Grant

Barbara Gridley

Tony Griego

Grimshaws Tree Service and Nursery Company

Nancy Hale

Bette Harner

Katharine Hayes

Liz Henderson

George Hermann

George and Helene Hill

Thomas Hoffman

Bonnie Horn

Maridel Horsfall

Albert and Jackie Ilg

Barbara Ivey

Warren and Ruth Johnson

William Johnson

Donn and Betty Jourdan

Joan Juba

John and Mary Kelling

Doug and Jean Kelly

Heidi Kelsey

Gene and Debra Keyser

Lita Keyser

Gerald and Barbara Kline

Paul Kramer

David and Sandra Lange

Charles Larson

Anne Lasser

Genevieve and Aralda Lattimer

Marian Lepp

Richard and Maureen Liebler

Richard and Dorris Loomis

Joan Lynch

Raymond Mak

Eleanor Malmfeldt in memory of Mary Ellsworth Ransom

Many Rivers Community Acupuncture

Jim and Marsha Mason

John and Judith Matta

Ernie and Mickey Mattei

Jane Zaccaro McAuliffe

Joe snf Liz McAuliffe

Joan McVey

Dorothy Merz

Brian and Dede Moore

Marion Birge Morgan

Nat Hayden's Real Pit Barbeque

James Nilsson

Jennifer Noble

Martin Norieka

Joe and Noreen Novak

Robert and Sarah O'Brien

Thomas and Laverne O'Malley

O'Malley, Deneen, Leary, Messina, Oswecki, LLC

Barbara O'Shea

Michael Panik

Elizabeth B. Parker

Carlton Parkinson

PC Development

Holly Pelton

Larry Pennington

William Pomeroy

Ramapogue Historical Society

Patricia Reardon

Claire Reilly

Ian and Linda Rickard

Jim and Peggy Ristas

Laurie Robbins

Brenda Rohan

Walter and Cynthia Russell

James and Margaret Shea

David and Mary Jane Snyder

Society of American Period Furniture Makers, Inc.

Lois Spinelli

Walter and Patricia Stefanow

Michael and Bonnie Stephens

Carol Ann Stephenson

William Stephenson

Pauline Sundt

TAB Computers

Eleanor Tacke

Peter and Lisa Taylor

Connie Thomas

Elaine and Henry Traverso

Margaret Tustin

Maxine Tye

Union Street Tavern

Maureen Vagnani

Carl Verner and Jody Terranova

Susan and Allan Viner

Gary and Diane Whitney

William Raveis/Coccomo Associates

Donald Winchell

Windsor Chamber of Commerce

Windsor Shad Derby Fest Bureau

Richard Wise

Susan Zorro



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